I have been getting ready to prepare around 170 lunch boxes! That is right! This year I’m changing things around a little bit. There is always a learning after each year and of course kids are changing as well.

This year I’m having a calendar that I’m trying to respect as much as possible. This has been working really well in her summer camp and I hope this continue this new school year.

I came up with the Calendar idea as a way to calm the controlling side of my personality. I was always so worried about her lunches and I ended up frustrated. When I started meal prepping years back I started with something similar and it worked. So I give it a try one more time and it is working.

I rotate the snacks. You know what my snacks are: Veggies, seeds and fruits.

I hated my lunch boxes when I was a kid so for me it is very exciting to prepare her lunchbox and make them somehow attractive. It is a way to send her my love in that little box.

Steps to make your own calendar

1.- Pick 5 meals you know that your kid loves: For example: Meatballs, Chicken Nuggets, Sandwich, Pasta etc.

2.- Make a list with their favorite fruits and vegetables

3.- Write Down and plan how you can pair the main meal with one fruit and one veggie.

4.- Add on: After this you can add cheese sticks or a dry snack if necesary. Always, Always add something green, it could be 2 leaves of spinach. Eventually they will eat it.

5.- Repeat: Every Week repeat the main meal but make versions of them. For example if they like burger for fridays, make chicken burger one friday and a veggie burger next friday.

You have been asking about what are my essentials to get Camila’s lunch box ready so I decided to give you a little guide and get you some new ideas.

Together we can conquer the lunch box battles!!!

1.- Silicone Baking cups

These have been a lifesaver. Of course I use them to bake nut mainly to separate her foods in the lunch box. I got mine 4 years ago but now they are even more fun shapes and colors. You can find them here.

2.- Food Picks

I recently bought this, they very inexpensive but the lunch box face changes completely. They are perfect for the little foods. I use them for her to pick grapes, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, blueberries, cucumber etc. Get yours here.

3.- Fruit cutters

For many years I stayed away of shaping vegetables and fruits because I wanted her to love the real deal. She has been a good eater always so I didn’t have to decorate much. Now, I just want her lunch box to be more fun and to motivate her classmates to eat more vegetables and fruits because I know they are always checking her lunch box out. These are very good quality and the shapes are adorable. Get yours here.


4.- Food Storage Set

This is my 3rd year using this food storage and It looks like new. I wash it everyday at the dishwasher machine and it is just perfect. It doesn’t leak at all. Get yours here.

5.- Sandwich Bag and snack bag

Free from BPA, Pthalate, and lead, they’re also safe to pop in the dishwasher, microwave or freezer.  I use them for dry snacks, english muffins and sandwiches. Find it here.

6.- Utensils & Carrying Case Set

In 3 years I have bought two of this sets. I bought the second one mainly because camila broken the cap. I saw her playing with it many times. They are so cute and durable. 

7.- Lunch bag

This is its 3rd year as well. It looks like new! Plus you can ask to personalize it which of course I did :). Find it here.

8.- Hot food container

I use this to save her soups, nuggets, rice and beans, pastas, you get the idea. It keeps it warm and doesn’t leak. Get yours here.

9.- Ice packs

I couldn’t find the one I bought but this look similar only cuter. 

Cooking fast gadgets

1.- Griddler

I CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT THIS. I make pancakes, patties, crepes, arepas, sandwiches and I heat everything up here. Quick and easy! 

2.- Nutribullet

I don’t own a blender. I use this for everything. I make smoothies, mix for the pancakes, mix for the protein balls, hummus, dressings. One of my best kitchen gadgets. 

3.- Potato Express

Of course I prefer the flavor of Baked Sweet potatoes but sometimes, we are short on time. When I didn’t batch cooked them I use this bag. Sweet potatoes ready in 4 minutes. I make sweet potatoes pancakes or I pack pieces of sweet potato on her lunch.


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