GoldFish Crackers has been recalled, now what?

The last months we have seen recalls on: Lettuce mixes, Almond milk, cereals and crackers. We are getting exhausted of this. Actually there is a term for this: Food recall Fatigue, which happens when people are just tuning out or ignoring recall information because we have had too many. We don’t know who to trust.

Now, this arise questions like what are my kids going to eat as after school snacks or what are they having for breakfast now? If you have been following for some time you know my answer, if not, the answer is real whole foods, for example oats, eggs or homemade pancakes (Check easy and yummy recipes here) and for snacks, they can eat greek yogurt, fruits or nuts


“Done right, snacks will help children meet their nutritional needs and have the patience to wait for main meals with the family. Done wrong, they may ruin the mealtime experience for everyone and affect nutrition.”

– Natalie Stasenko


She summarizes exactly what I want to tell you. We love snacking but I have seen that now snacking is being used to keep our kids quiet, to entertain them while in the stroller, to replace real food. We are buying lot of packaged foods instead of real food. I’m all about convenience but I think this is getting out of control. Plus I think is expensive.

Did you know that your sugar added daily limit is 24 grams and for your kids is 12 grams of sugar?, it includes all the snacks and beverages we eat and drink during the day (you can check my post about the 7 worst beverages you can give your kids here),  that is why it’s so important to check the food labels at the store before buying the snacks.

I know that we (moms) are almost all the time in a hurry when we go shopping, even more if we go with our little ones, and we don’t always have the time to check the labels of each product. As a result, dozen of moms keep asking me what are the best snacks in the market. I have done an exhaustive research and so far I have found really good quality and yummy products that are approved by me (hopefully they don’t have any recall soon 😊).

Again, if you want to lose weight and feel energized go for fruits, seeds, smoothies or yogurt as your snack. Same snacks go to your kid.

This guide is for you to go to the market and get them without wasting so much time in the aisle. Buy them for playdates, parties or for occasional snacks. I put snacks like this in the lunchbox only on fridays and we, parents, consume them on the weekends while watching nextflix, when I’m running around with no time to get a decent meal, also good to take on a road trip.

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Let me know what you think, What other snacks do you like?

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