Hi there, I’m Dougmary Esquijarosa, a Fitness and Nutrition Coach Certified, for busy people who hate dieting and struggling with the idea of working out.

Through my “can’t-stop-eating-this” easy recipes and “easy-to-follow”workouts, I’m here to teach you how to eat healthier and being active while making it feel like you are going out for dinner and partying with a friend!

I was a picky eater until I married my geek guy, barely ate any vegetable until my daughter started on solid foods, gained 20 pounds after giving birth, didn’t know how to cook and hated the kitchen. I have been in all the stages of confusion about eating until I decided to take the control of my family and started learning everything food related from basic nutrition to food styling. Yes, now food is my jam!

When I’m not teaching a Fitness Unicorn Moms class or cooking in my lab you can find me indulging in a Tea party that is more like a Wine party with my friends and running around town with my almost vegetarian 5-year-old daughter.

Stay and find the magic of changing to healthy habits with me. 

I’m a FIT CHICKS(R) Fitness & Nutrition Expert

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