JERSEY CITY HEIGHTS, here I come!! This event is organized by Growing in Jersey City 
Growing in Jersey City is excited to announce we are bringing different outdoor workouts to JC Heights with some of our favorite instructors.

A Green Unicorn will be leading this workout on the 100 steps and is ready to be our cheerleader. Dougmary Equijarosa, who is FIT CHICKS(R) Fitness & Nutrition Expert Certified, focuses on fun healthy eating and workouts that make sense in your life.

Meet at the base of the steps by The Cliffs Apartments.
Please bring water and a towel and wear sunscreen!

Suggested Donation $10.
We are offering 4 Workout packages for $35. Please DM me for more information.

Healthy or Junk Food? Busting Food Labels Workshop!

DATE:  Wednesday, AUGUST 9th

TIME:   7:00 – 8:30pm

FEE:     35.00 per person BUY TICKETS HERE

Do you ever read food labels?  Do you know the meaning of all those numbers?  Are marketing and food companies being completely honest? What are we missing?

We make choices everyday and we want to make sure your are buying products that won’t harm your family’s health.

Join us for a fun workshop where you will learn how to read food labels in an easy way! Not a boring lecture!

ALSO INCLUDED IN THIS WORKSHOP…. Summer healthy cocktails and a cooking demo on how to make healthier dips and dressings.

Don’t miss out and invite your BFF to bust food labels together!

#GetmyEnergyBack Event
May 9th. 7pm
Feeling exhausted trying to keep pace at work and home? Literally can’t survive the day without coffee or energy drinks? Sleeping on the weekends instead of playing? guess what? It is NOT because you are too old or too busy!! there are three simple fixes to #GetMyEnergyBack. Join us for a complimentary online and in person event at 7pm on May 9.



GJC Pampering Day

  • Sunday, May 21 at 1 PM – 4 PM
  • 229 Ogden Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07307-1203, United States

Growing in Jersey City is bringing you their 2nd Event

Experience everything that you would want at a spa,
but in the comfort of a private home in Jersey City.

Hand Facials from pAra
Hand Massages
Chocolate Tasting from Elements Truffles
Charcuterie from Van Hook Cheese & Grocery and Brownies
Bubbly from Hoboken Vine and Tea
Candles from Little Batch Candle Co
Nutrition from A Green Unicorn

A Green Unicorn will be doing a 3 sessions of healthy easy eating in the summer time at 1:45, 2:30, 3:15.

So stop buy for an hour or two or stay for the entire time either way you leave with a sweet goodie bag.

Love what you tasted or who you spoke to?
Buy the product on site or schedule an appointment with them.

Raffles from:
Noellery Happy Box Store A Petal To Peddle, Jessica Namit, L’Oréal USA Living Proof, So much make up and goodies.



I’m so excited! Hudson Coterie is featuring me in one of the events of their series of “Fabulous me, Jersey City” #HealthyHacks.

This is happening on March 3oth and you should RSVP and get your tickets soon as it is Limited capacity.

Get your tickets here 

Picture this: You, coming home around 6pm, kids are sooo happy to see you but they are also sooooo hungry and so are you. Husbands texts you He is about to leave the office and nicely asks: What is for dinner?….

We know, panick attacks e-v-e-r-y single day. We’ve all been there. 

Join us for a delicious yet  healthy yet fun workshop to learn about: 

1.- Tips about how to meal prep like a boss

2.- Save time and money

3.- How to combine a Nutritionally dense meal but also delicious for all the picky eaters (Kids and husbands) 

4.- Prepare two easy and healthy interactive recipes

5.- Each other around a glass of wine (maybe two)