I’m a Fitness and Nutrition Expert certified and about to get another Nutrition Certification.

I teach group classes and personal training but also do Nutrition coaching online and in person.

My approach is changing habits little but little instead of giving a diet or a plan so the process goes like this:

The minimun of sessions are 8 sessions but the optimum would be 12 sessions

Each week I will be introducing new habits, you will get to pratice them and get familiar with them, then we meet, talk about it and then I will educate you in a new habit to practice and so on.

We’ll have fun sessions like: Learning how to read labels, how to build your plate, portion control and many more. The Food topics now are like another world. You will love it!

You will get a meal plan every week (with only the topic we are talking that week) for example if we are working on your snacks, I will send you the snacks you can eat. I don’t want you get overwhelmed.

Also Grocery shopping list and recipes…many recipes 🙂 and meal preparation guides.

Most importantly you will:

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