I’m a certified Fitness and Nutrition Expert. I teach group classes and personal training but also offer Nutrition coaching, both online and in person.

My approach is changing habits little by but little instead of giving a diet or a plan.

The process goes like this:

We have a video call  to understand your habits, your routine, your goals and expectations. The idea is not to change you but introduce the new habits with no pain in your already busy life.

I will then send you a food log and some forms to assess you better.

I review your forms when you send them back to me, and then we have our first session!!!

When you work with me, there is a minimum of 4 weeks, but for best results, I recommend we work together for 12 weeks.

Each week I will be introducing new habits, you will get to pratise and get familiar with them. Then we meet, talk about it, and then I will educate you in a new habit to practise.

We’ll have fun sessions like: Learning how to read labels, how to build your plate, portion control and many more topics. I keep the food topics enjoyable and simple, so that you get the best results for the least amount of effort.

You will get a meal plan every week, (with only the topic we are talking about that week.) For example if we are working on your snacks, I will send you the snacks you can eat. I don’t want you to get overwhelmed.

Also Grocery shopping list and recipes…many recipes and meal preparation guides.

Most importantly you will:

  • Get your energy back (most of my clients have reported that they feel more energetic within the first 2 weeks of working together).
  • Feel empowered at the supermarket, finally you will know what to buy without hesitation.
  • Lose weight naturally and ditch the diet.
  • Eat delicious meals that you can prep easily.
  • Get organized so you don’t freak out at dinner time!

My programs are completely personalized so it will be 100% adapted to you.

It is not a diet more of the bunch!!

It is a program in which (if you are really commited) you will change your habits and it will become your lifestyle.

One of the most important thing is for you to know that You’re not alone, many people have already gone through this and with determination, support and  accountability you can achieve it too. 

You can read my personal story or the reviews that some of my amazing clients have left on my
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Contact me by filling this form. It’s never to late to take the first step into a healthier, stronger and happier version of yourself.