“With this program, I was able to see how little and how bad I was eating. It helped me to understand what and more importantly why should I change my habits. Instead of drinking 5 cups of coffee per day because I was always about to fall asleep, now I’m all the time alert and ready by just eating right”
– Andrea

​“I’m a 38 years old Mom, who was always tired and with sleeping problems. A year ago, in my annual check up the Doctor told me that my blood sugar was high and if I don’t change my diet I can have Diabetes. That hit me hard because I thought I was a “healthy” person who eats her greens, grains, do some exercise and no overweighted.

​…Dougmary made me realise what I was doing wrong, I start with drinking more water ( warm with lemon in the morning), less food during the night, adding more protein more vegetables, how read labels and of course a routine of exercise, within a week I was feeling much better more energetic.  After 3 weeks I was sleeping 7 hours straight.

And the most amazing part is that after 3 months I got pregnant!!! I was trying for 2 years with any success I want to believe that I was combination of events: real healthy diet, more active, normal blood sugar and happier!”
– Mora

“I joined the program because at some point I realized I was very anxious, tired and wasn’t resting enough; now I couldn’t be happier having done that.

…I realized that I wasn’t drinking enough water and was eating lots of sugar that only made me want more and more. I started with a weekly meal plan based on foods I like, and quickly understood that eating healthy doesn’t mean eating boring and untasty food…

Now I’m resting better and have a lot of energy during the day”
– Carmenluisa

​“I didn’t take good care of myself. When we started with the first exercise I realized how badly I was eating.

I consumed lots of sweets and coffee to keep me energized. I had a lot of insomnia. Although I was “awake” all day, I always felt very tired.

After we start making the changes, I sleep a lot better. I am more aware of what I do and I have more energy to face the day. I still have to find the time to do physical activity and take time for myself, but I definitely feel better…”
– Cristina